SC Business Fair 2016


Business Fair 2016

Exhibition Outline


20(Wed.) – 22(Fri.), January, 2016



◆Exhibition Scale

530 Booths (Expected)

◆Number of Visitors (Expected)

53,000 (SC industry-related persons)

◆Admission Fee


◆Categories of Exhibitors

  • Developers
    Shopping center specialists, Station buildings, Department stores, GMS, Supermarkets, Underground shopping centers, Redevelopment businesses, Real estate businesses, Property management services, etc.
  • Tenants
    Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry and accessories, Glasses, Variety goods, Foods, Books and stationery, Pets, Eating and drinking, Drugstores, Relaxation, Amusement, etc.
  • SC-related industries
    IT, Environmental preservation, Finance, Sales promotion and Events,
    SC planning and construction, Commercial space design and display, Parking systems, Security equipment and systems, Maintenance, Energy-saving measures, etc.
  • Others
    Town Management Organizations, Self-government bodies, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Associations, Media, Colleges, etc.


Japan Council of Shopping Centers


Exhibition Guidelines

◆1.Exhibition Fee (including tax )

One basic booth unit: 9sqm. (3m(w)×3m(d)×2.7m(h))

First deadline (August31) Final deadline (October15)
JCSC MEMBERS JPY 205,200 JPY 226,800
NON MEMBERS JPY 282,960 JPY 313,200

* Combinations of up to 3 display booths will be of the in-line (linear) type.

* The fee includes electrical work for primary trunk-line and electricity consumption
(up to 1kw).

Booth specifications


◆2.Exhibition Fee includes:

(1) Basic decoration(A basic booth)

  • a.Wall system panel and the inside wall rental charge
  • b.Company name sign (Original logo is extra)
  • c.One fluorescent light (40w)
  • d.An electrical outlet: 1kw plug×1 (2outlets)

* Additional fees must be paid for other optional services.

* The exhibition fee remains unchanged even if the exhibitor does not use the basic decoration.

(2) An exhibitor’s identification card, worker’s sticker and move in-out pass

(3) Company name will be printed in the guidebook for exhibitors and the pamphlet for visitors, SC JAPAN TODAY and on the venue map, and run in the Japan Council of Shopping Centers web site.


(1) Deadline
First deadline: August 31, 2015
Final deadline: October 15, 2015
*Acceptance of applications will be closed once all exhibition spaces are occupied, even if before the deadline.

(2) Application procedure
Please request the application form by fax etc.

Application & Inquiry

SC Business Fair Administrative Office
13F Forefront Tower
3-12-1 KACHIDOKI, CHUO-KU, TOKYO 104-0054
TEL:81-3-3536-8121 FAX:81-3-3536-8120

(3) Payment of Exhibition Fee
An invoice reflecting the total exhibition fee will be sent before the opening of the exhibition and should be paid in full within one month from the date of issue.


Exhibition Rules

◆1.Exhibitor contract

  1. Completing the contract
    An exhibitor contract will be considered to have been completed when payment of the exhibiting fee has been confirmed, and the payer will have the right to use the booth(s) from the delivery period until the removal period.
  2. Location and allotment of booths
    The SC Business Fair Executive Committee will decide and adjust locations and will inform the exhibitors at a later date.

◆2.Prohibition to sublease a booth

The booth’s sublease, sale, exchange and transfer by exhibitor are prohibited without special permission of the organizer.

◆3.Joint Exhibition

In case of joint exhibition, the representative of its group is request to inform the organizer of the company name sign when applying.

◆4.Cancellation of the Exhibitor Contract

  • October 16, 2015-November 20, 2015
    50% of the exhibition fee
  • November 21, 2015 -December 15, 2015
    80% of the exhibition fee
  • On and after December 16, 2015
    100% of the exhibition fee

* But this shall not apply if the exhibitor cannot present its exhibition because of a natural disaster or other event that the organizer considers to have been unavoidable.


  1. Exhibitors are requested to submit the content of their exhibits and a list of the objects they will exhibit when applying.
  2. Exhibitors who cannot decide the details by the time they submit the application are requested to provide an outline and confirm the details by the time of the exhibitor orientation or application deadline, enter the details on a form, and submit it to the administrative office.
  3. If the content of an exhibition changes after an application, the exhibitor is requested to be sure to notify the organizer in writing to obtain approval of the change.
  4. The sale of goods inside the venue of the Fair is, in principle, prohibited without special permission of the SC Business Fair Executive Committee.
  5. Exhibitors are requested to make sure that the exhibits and decorations etc. comply with the Exhibitors Manual, Pacifico Yokohama Usage Regulations, Disaster Prevention Guideline, and the Fire Services Law. Details will be explained at the exhibitor orientation.
  6. Each exhibitor will bear responsibility for the theft or loss of any exhibits, a fire, or a personal injury in a booth, and the organizer will not be responsible for paying compensation for losses. Exhibitors are, therefore, requested to independently purchase insurance or take similar measures.

◆6.Change of the dates or venue of the Fair

The Administrative Office may change the dates or venue of the Fair for an unavoidable reason. Exhibitors cannot withdraw their exhibits or cancel an exhibitor contract as a result of this change. The organizer will not pay compensation for losses resulting from this change.

◆7.Cancellation of the Fair

The Fair may be cancelled because of a natural disaster or other unavoidable event. Money already paid as exhibition fees will be returned only if the SC Business Fair Executive Committee has cancelled the Fair before its scheduled date. But it will not pay compensation for losses incurred by the cancellation

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