SC Business Fair


Business Fair 2016

SC Business Fair 2016

  • Date 20(Wed.)- 22(Fri.), January, 2016

SC Business Fair 2016


What is “SC Business Fair”

SC world’s largest event in Japan

The SC Business Fair is regarded as the only trade fair offering all those with an interest in SC the chance to meet. At the Fair, nationwide developers, currently famous specialty stores and enterprises associated with the SC world will exhibit. The main feature of the Fair is its capacity to provide participants with a plethora of information unavailable elsewhere and a multiplicity of benefits.

The SC Business Fair takes place for the tenth time since the first large-scale exhibition in 2004.

Its Concept

  1. Providing SC developers (SC developer and SC management), tenants (retail stores, food and drink businesses or service stores) and other SC-related businesses with a venue for business negotiations.
  2. Providing hard- and software advantageous to the SC management of tomorrow.
  3. Holding an exhibition with an eye on the environment, town development and urban revival.

Points behind the SC Business Fair

  1. The only place where all persons with an interest in SC may meet.
    The only fair where all SC developers, specialty stores and associated businesses can meet is the ‘SC Business Fair’.
  2. A direct link to numerous business opportunities
    Up to the present, a great number of tangible business deals have been concluded at the ‘SC Business Fair’ or found a fruitful conclusion afterward.
  3. Efficient gathering of SC-related information
    The fair not only offers displays of the latest hard- and software technology and suggestions, it also holds free seminars presented by exhibitors. It thus allows visitors to gather information regarding SC in a most efficient way.
  4. The SC-related joint job fair for students
    We started a SC-related joint job fair for students from previous fair. Students can get concrete information about SC business in the exhibition hall.

A yearly growing number of visitors

The total number (3-day total) of visitors at the SC Business Fair 2012 was 35,400. These can be classified as follows: developers: 32.6%, tenants: 21.0%, other SC-related business persons: 46.4%.

The total visitor count for the SC Business Fair 2013 is expected to reach 38,000.

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